Payment platforms are like airports. Some are built for international use, while others only serve domestic customers.

If you’re looking to expand globally, providing seamless international commission payments should be high on your priority list.

Here’s what a global payment provider should be offering:

Global Commission Payments Requirements

1.  Localization

What does localization mean for payments? It means multi-currency payouts and multi-language support.

Your international account holders deserve to get paid just as quickly and easily as your domestic account holders. With the right payout provider, they will be.

Account holders want to receive customer support in their native language. PayQuicker uses dialect-based human translation to streamline communication, one of the advantages of our Complete Solutions Platform.

When you’re aiming for global development, supporting multiple languages and currencies becomes a necessity, not an option.

2.  Flexible Payment Options

Depending on their location and circumstances, account holders could be faced with limited options to receive their funds.

Your dynamic payout platform should give workers a choice, offering a variety of payment types, including:

  • Cash
  • Prepaid cards
  • Bank Transfers
  • Spendback
  • Paper checks

Paying account holders on their own terms fosters an accommodating environment, yielding greater customer satisfaction.

Global Payments

3.  Self-Service Options

Account holders don’t want to have to rely on you for 24/7 support. This is where mobile device adoption for self-service is so important. Through the payment app, users can change preferences and manage their account.

Self-directed options come with additional benefits. Not having to store users’ sensitive personal or bank information removes the risk of data breaches from the paying company. In the rare case of a data breach, the paying company in turn would not be liable for fraud.

These are the basic necessities in today’s high-tech, high-touch global commission payments industry. Payments must be personalized, flexible, and fast to keep account holders engaged.

If you’re currently expanding internationally (or considering it), make sure your payments provider can scale with you. 

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