Generations Y & Z are growing up fast. Their habits and expectations are already drastically affecting the direction of all industries – including direct sales.

Everything connects to social media. You can log into websites with your Facebook account, or pay for goods and services with a wave of your phone. You can text, call, and video chat with anyone around the world at any time (as long as you have Internet).

New generations have similar expectations from brands- especially for direct sales companies where the industry is inherently social networking based. Speed is crucial. Fast communication, fast growth, fast rewards.

Here are some ways to make your direct sales company more appealing to younger generations.

How Direct Sales Companies Can Meet Next Gen Expectations

1.  Create a Group for Your Company on Multiple Social Networks

This allows users to add others to the community, share information, and keep up with news and trends. The easier it is to access your brand, the more young people will see and interact with it. It also provides indirect referrals – seeing their friends involved in the group makes them more likely to join as well.

Create your community on any relevant networks or forums.

2.  Make It Easy for Distributors to Close Sales Anytime, Anywhere

Provide digital and mobile tools so your distributors can keep momentum going anywhere.

Provide branded items (cards, merchandise, apps) for them to keep on hand and create valuable networking opportunities.

Make answers to common questions easily available – through an FAQ page, social media, Quora, blog, or other form of content aggregation.

The next generations expect quick results, access, and interconnectivity. Distributors need to be able to kick start the sales process at any time.

3.  Make Commission Payments Rewarding & Impactful

Everyone loves getting paid. When your distributors get paid how they want, those good feelings are directly connected to your brand. What do distributors want from payments?

  • Speed (instant is best)
  • Choice (of payment method, currency)
  • Anytime/anywhere access to funds
  • Easy fund management
  • Security

Making money may still be the goal, but the new generations also want fulfillment in their work. This means that your payout method must provide a positive experience that allows for the option to give back if you want to retain high-quality distributors.

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