Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fund my PayQuicker account?
You can only load money to your account if you have a United States based account.

Non-US based account can only receive payments and transfer that money to their bank or by paper check. To learn more about your country options, please see ‘My Account’ and click ‘Accounts Fees’ to learn more.

There are multiple methods to add or load money into your PayQuicker account. They include:

  • Receiving funds from other people or companies by Instant Payment, Bank Transfer/Direct Deposit/ACH, or by Wire Transfer
  • Direct deposit funds to your account (push funds) from another bank account. See our HELP section ‘Adding Money to my PayQuicker Account.’

How do I transfer my funds in PayQuicker to my personal bank account?
To add your external bank for a bank transfer to your personal bank account:

  • log into your PayQuicker account
  • hover over 'settings'
  • click 'manage banks'
  • click 'add an external bank'
  • enter your bank information accordingly, following the prompts
  • If you are confused about what is being asked for, hover over where it says 'what's this' in blue for a brief explanation
  • Once you've added your external bank, hover over 'transfer money'
  • click 'to a bank'
  • click 'select' next to your bank information
  • enter the amount you wish to transfer
  • click process
  • enter your 4 digit security PIN to verify the transaction - this transaction will process in 1-3 business days.

How do I order a card?
Many of our Clients making payments through the PayQuicker platform automatically issue cards to their members. Check first with the company paying you if that is the case. 

What IS PayQuicker? PayQuicker is a Virtual Payment Interface. Our affiliate bank, MetaBank, allows us to provide FDIC insured accounts to our users. Our secure encrypted website allows us to store your information safely and securely so that you can use the system to pay or get paid, around the globe!

Can I sign up for a business account?
You can only create an active business account if you’re prepared to provide supporting documentation on file for your business. Just because you’re paid THROUGH as business, does not mean you need a business account. In this case, you only need a personal account. You can always ask us at PayQuicker, or ask your payer what the best account type is for you!

What if I can’t reach anyone to help me?
Leave us a message, whether on chat or on our voicemail system. We will always do our best to call or answer you back at our earliest convenience. If you leave us a message in Live Chat when it is ‘off-line,’ it automatically creates a ticket for you in our Support Tracking System. Your question will not get ‘lost in cyber space’ and will be followed up within the next business day.

I got a Payment notification, but don’t see a payment in my account, where is my money?
If this is the case, you are most likely not signed up with the correct e-mail address. Check the e-mail that your notification was sent to. If it’s different than the e-mail that you use for your PayQuicker login, then this is most likely your issue. Your payer is likely paying you to your e-mail address they have on file for you using our Batch Payment system. To correct this, please see ‘Add or Change E-mail Address’ in our HELP section.

What if I signed up with the wrong e-mail address?
Don’t worry! If you realize you have signed up with the wrong e-mail address: Go to Add or Change an E-mail Address and follow the steps exactly.

Why are you asking for my license or a form of government issued i.d.?
PayQuicker accounts are linked to FDIC insured bank accounts. When you input all of your personal information, we run it through public government records to ensure the information is accurate. If you don’t add the correct SSN, or DOB for example, your verification will “fail,” and you will be prompted to upload a copy of a government issued i.d. to store on file. The same could also be said if the information you are entering is outdated (i.e., you moved recently.) This is a safety protocol we have established as another step in fraud-prevention. Our accounts are federally regulated and as such, we are required to adhere to a high standard of safety and verification protocol.

What is my PIN?
Your PIN is a 4 digit security code that you elect when you first create your account. This code is used as a final authentication step to complete a transaction within your account, and is an additional security measure for your account safety. Your account PIN is NOT the same as your debit card PIN, unless you create them that way. They can be two separate PINs.

How can I get my money?
There are a few different ways to retrieve funds from your PayQuicker account:

  • The first option is the PayQuicker Visa Prepaid Card or a custom branded card provided by your paying company. The card ships in 7-14 business days after you order it.  Refer to your Cardholder Agreement for pricing. A paying company may provide you with their card at no cost.  There is no minimum balance requirement at this time.
  • Bank transfer to your personal bank. Refer to your Cardholder Agreement for pricing.
  • Cut yourself a paper check.  Refer to your Cardholder Agreement for pricing.

Help! I forgot my password!
If you have forgotten your password go to and click ‘I forgot my password.’ This will send an e-mail to your PayQuicker login e-mail with a link that says ‘Click Here.’ Follow the link to change and save your new password.

Help! My Card is lost or has been stolen!
If your card has been lost or stolen:

  • Log into your PayQuicker account
  • On the right hand side of the page in the box of "Action Links", click the link "Report a Lost or Stolen Debit Card"
  • Follow the instructions on the following pages.

Help! I see purchases with my card I didn't make!
If you believe your card has been used for fraudulent activity, contact PayQuicker Support.   We will work with you and determine which steps should be taken.  Rest assured, your card and purchases are covered under Visa's Zero Liability Protection.

How long does each form of receiving funds take?
Depending on how you are sending or receiving your payments, transaction processing times may vary.  Click here for more information.

How do I pay someone to their e-mail?
Paying someone via their e-mail can only be done with our Instant Payment system. This system is member-to-member payment only. You cannot send and instant payment to someone who does NOT have a PayQuicker account.


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