Instant Payments™
Fast and Free - Eliminate the Expense of Other Payment Methods

  • Instant Payments™ - no cost to send and receive payments
  • Mass Volume Payments by API or Batch Transmission
  • Immediate Use of Funds - simple and safe, payments post instantly to the account
  • Pay More Frequently - without expense or administrative burdens
  • Email & Text Notifications

Instant Payments™

PayQuicker’s flagship service provides the ability to make global Instant Payments™ at no cost using only a valid email address. The funds will post instantly to the payees PayQuicker virtual prepaid account and be available for immediate use on a prepaid debit card or transfer to the payee’s external bank account. PayQuicker provides all the online tools that allow companies to transmit an unlimited volume of payments across the globe instantly while greatly reducing the expenses and resources required to make those payments.  There is also no need to store payees’ bank and other personal information, which reduces business risks associated with data breaches.  The only required item to complete a payment is a valid email address.  The PayQuicker platform can be used for both sending and receiving no-cost Instant Payments™ offering even greater account flexibility.

Mass Pay by API or Batch Transmission

PayQuicker provides all the tools necessary to make mass, high volume payments.  Whether a business client is paying a dozen, a thousand or hundreds-of-thousands of payments, our platform can easily accommodate any volume.  We provide batch templates in a variety of formats for easy implementation along with robust API tools for easy integration.  Each client decides what is best for them based on their internal processes.  Regardless of how you are making payments, whether manually or through one of our competitors, we can provide the tools necessary for an easy and smooth transition.

Immediate Use of Funds

When funds are sent to a payee, they are notified by email or text.  The funds post instantly to the payees’ PayQuicker virtual prepaid account and are available for immediate use or transfer.  If a payee also has a prepaid debit card with the account, the account balance is accessible on the card for consumption.  If the recipient does not have an account, the payment notification acts as an invitation to sign up.  The process is quick and simple, generally taking only a couple of minutes to complete.

Pay More Frequently

PayQuicker has simplified the payment process by eliminating the cost and reducing the resources associated with making payments.  Businesses can now make payments as frequently as needed creating a more competitive compensation model to attract top earners while allowing for happier consultants, vendors, suppliers, distributors, contractors and customers.  Our business clients determine the frequency of payments and initiate the process according to their needs.

Email & Text Notifications

An email notification is automatically generated to alert each payee when they have been paid.  If the payee is an existing PayQuicker virtual prepaid account holder, they have the option to add a text notification.  Each account holder controls what notifications they receive and the method of receipt. Preferences can be updated anytime.

Contact Us to Get Started

Whether you are making thousands of payments daily, weekly, or monthly, in the US or internationally, PayQuicker can provide a more cost-effective and scalable solution for you.  Contact us today by calling 1-844-258-3006 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   for more information, including a free cost-saving assessment and to schedule a demo.


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