Prepaid Debit Cards

Not all Prepaid Debit Card programs are created equal!  With PayQuicker, you get much more.  Using our Instant Payments™ platform, you can pay your people faster, easier and at no cost.  When combined with a prepaid debit card, funds transfer instantly to those you are paying and are available immediately for use on their prepaid card.  No waiting for funds to clear or transfer.  With PayQuicker, payments to your payees translate into a purely positive touch-point.

  • Payments load to the virtual card account instantly
  • Promote Your Brand – Custom cards are fast to market with minimum entry costs
  • Cards printed on demand
  • Network branded and accepted worldwide
  • Easy Use, Convenient, and Low Cost for your Payees

Payments Load Instantly to the Card

Prepaid Debit Cards are directly aligned to PayQuicker’s virtual prepaid accounts.  Funds are available immediately to spend through a simple one-step automated payment process.  No logging into a website or Smartphone App to push funds to the card required, and no dreaded debit card decline fees for forgetting to do so!  Upon payment, an email or text notification is sent confirming that funds are available for consumption.  

Easy to Use, Convenient, Low Cost for Your Payees

We work hard to create a platform that is easy to use and understand while striving to be rich with features and very affordable for your payees.  All of our fees are fully transparent and listed in the Card Agreement accesssible to each payee within their virtual prepaid account.  

Branded Cards - Fast to Market - Low Program Entry Cost

PayQuicker makes putting a custom prepaid debit card program in place easy and fast.  Just create your card design and we'll do the rest!  We make promoting your brand simple and manage the entire process for you.  Once the program is launched, PayQuicker continues to manage your card program so you can focus on your core business.

Cards Printed on Demand / Bulk Card Ordering

Cards are produced as needed and PayQuicker manages the entire fulfillment process.  Cards are printed on demand at the pace of your company’s growth.  There are no pre-printing requirements, minimum card runs or inventory loading.  Bulk card ordering and card fulfillment services are also available for companies with substantial volume requirements.

Contact Us to Get Started

Whether you are making thousands of payments daily, weekly, or monthly, in the US or internationally, PayQuicker can provide a more cost-effective and scalable solution for you.  Contact us today by calling 1-844-258-3006 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   for more information, including a free cost-saving assessment and to schedule a demo.


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