Invitation Only

As a method of ensuring the integrity and security of the PayQuicker platform, and for the protection of our Business Clients and their Customers, we have transformed PayQuicker to an “Invite-Only” platform.  All virtual prepaid accounts within the platform originate from the PayQuicker sales department or are recipients of payments from an approved and verified Business Client.  

Invite-Only Process

There are only a couple of ways that someone can be invited to join PayQuicker.  The first is to receive an actual invitation to join from PayQuicker or one of its Business Clients.  Another is to receive a payment from a Business Client.  By using this method, PayQuicker and the Business Client are ensured that each virtual prepaid account holder is properly associated with the correct company.  

Eliminate Unnecessary Card Costs

Most Business Clients require custom branded prepaid debit card programs in place, and a branded card is automatically provided to their customers as soon as the recipient's virtual prepaid account is activated.  By using the "Invite-Only" process, we can make sure that only approved Customers associated with the Business Client are receiving branded prepaid cards.

Control Fraud

Controlling who is able to become a virtual prepaid account holder at PayQuicker enables us to control and minimize fraud within the platform.  Every account holder is associated to PayQuicker itself, or to an approved and verified Business Client.  Business Clients making payments know exactly who they are inviting to the platform, and those payees are associated directly to their company.  PayQuicker also performs extensive identification checks as a part of its Customer Identification Program (CIP) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies and procedures.  This system of approriate checks and balances creates a robust portfolio of virtual prepaid account holders.

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