How do you keep people motivated to sell? 
  • Foster brand loyalty
  • Make sure they take pride in their work
  • Make sure they find value in their work
  • Make sure they’re rewarded for their work

Sure. We’ve heard this before… But how do you do these things? In successful companies, it really centers around creating and maintaining a warm and fuzzy feeling related to the brand and the organization.

One piece is hit-or-miss, and it directly affects that final bullet:

A satisfying payout solution.

Believe it or not, it a great payout method can also affect every other item on the list above.

Why Distributors Love Branded Tools

What makes people love a brand?

Personal connection. Consistency. Frequent interaction.

Branded cards and apps are like marketers that never clock out. They’re always available, providing frequent touchpoints to keep your company in front of mind.

Here’s what a branded card and/or app means for your Distributors:

  • Conversation starter
  • Marketing tool in their pocket
  • Reminder of the hard work they’ve done (and successive rewards)
  • Direct association with the enjoyment of receiving and spending money

Every Distributor is different, and every one will find something unique to love about branded items. For some, this could be the very incentive needed to join your organization.

How Do Branded Prepaid Cards, Portals & Apps Work?

When you choose a payment provider with co-branding capabilities, they provide the base for your brand. They have blank cards and app templates – you simply provide your desired imaging and style guide.

When processing payments, co-branded cards and apps work like their standard bank-produced counterparts. The only difference is the visual experience.

Whose brand comes out on top – yours or the payment platform’s?

Your brand must be the first thing your payees see. Your Distributors know about your company, and may have little to no loyalty to your payment processor. They’re signing up for your company, which means the payment provider takes a back seat on the co-branding bus.

When your distributors interact with the card and app, your brand is at the forefront. Your payment partner will have their information available, but more discreetly on the app and card.

An enjoyable money-making experience (intimately connected to your brand!) is exactly what keeps them coming back for more. Partnering with a payment provider who allows you to brand your user experience from end to end alleviates confusion, reduces attrition, and most importantly- fosters brand loyalty. 

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