When you choose a payment platform, one of your goals is to streamline payment processing so your finance team can be more productive where it counts

Breaking away from traditional payment methods by offering instant mass payments, multi-currency payments, and integrated tax services bundles traditional payout into a full solutions platform with scalable options.

What makes integrated tax services so important?

  • Taxes are a delicate process. Integrated tax services lower your risks for penalties by helping you meet and exceed compliance standards.
  • Integrated services simplify the reporting process and leave a clear trail of documentation.
  • Integrated verification keeps your company and payee information secure.
  • You can collect taxpayer information with no hassle, and no additional burden on your finance team.
  • Tax information can be gathered in a format that’s compatible with all major tax service providers.

History & Reporting

In the case of potential fraud or other issues, payment history must be readily accessible.You can access complete payment history and statements through PayQuicker’s software. All history data is retained and available as needed.

PayQuicker’s software smoothly integrates with your back-end operations, ensuring business is uninterrupted while providing visibility to vital payout information.

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